MSB Micro Systems specialises in management of network connectivity for companies with mobile workforces and/or telemetry needs. We authenticate user connectivity, authorise connectivity against network policies, and use gathered accounting information to report on usage per user.

The managed RADIUS services available from MSB Micro Systems have been carefully packaged to fulfill varied technical and enterprise requirements.

Whether you are looking for a basic or complex solution with built-in redundancy, we can assist. Contact us today to set up a consultation – we are ready and available to help you find your perfect solution.

Managed RADIUS Service Packages

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The Managed RADIUS Building Blocks

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SMME Solution - Managed RADIUS LITE

For clients with a smaller user base, RADIUS LITE provides a basic AAA (Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting) service capped at 100 users. The service is managed by MSB Micro Systems and excludes access to the client portal. Typically, clients interested in this solution are in testing or start-up phases.

Full AAA Control - Managed RADIUS

Managed RADIUS is a fully AAA (Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting) compliant service. It enables a central server to authenticate dial-in users and authorise their access to the requested APN. With this in place, extra features can be added as requirements increase or change. This service is managed on the client’s behalf, with the client portal providing secure analytics and user management.

Reducing Client System Load - Managed Radius Proxy

Ideal for clients already running their own RADIUS service, but who require the same benefits, levels of control and reporting of a fully managed MSB RADIUS service. By vetting connection requests before passing them on to the client’s RADIUS, Managed RADIUS Proxy takes the load off the client’s system during times of high request volumes or network failures.

Control Over Data Volumes and Spend - Volume Tracking with Quotas

A policy tool which enables the setting of monthly data volume caps for individual users or devices using the client portal. With this in place, clients have access to additional reporting such as data usage tracking and statistics, usage reports and alerts prior to predefined data limits being reached.

Safeguarding Against Crime and Defects - Soft Suspend

Especially useful in the case of lost, stolen, or defective SIM cards or devices, this allows manual suspension from access to the APN. Reinstatement may be managed directly by the client, using the RADMIN client portal.

System or Cost Abuse Prevention - In-Session Termination

IST allows for the automatic termination of an active user session by the system. The termination of the session is based on predefined usage parameters, as defined in VTQ, or once an administrative (manual) suspension is activated. The user or device will not be allowed to reconnect to the APN after disconnection without administrative intervention.

Client System Integration - External Database

Managed RADIUS can be integrated with clients’ existing billing or CRM systems. The RADIUS solution will update session information to the client’s database and retrieve new user information to update the RADIUS in return. This enables the client to enforce internal processes and policies with regard to their user base and data usage with the help of In-Session Termination.

Direct Client Control - RADMIN Client Portal

The RADMIN client service portal essentially enables clients to reconfigure users and system usage rules for their enterprise’s RADIUS solution. It allows client administrators to control user provisioning, connection and usage caps, while also providing access to live reports.

Monitoring Made Easy - RADMIN Reports

Two scheduled SQL reports are made available for RADIUS service offerings that include RADMIN Client Portal as part of the solution. Said reports may be selected from an existing list or developed in line with the client’s specific requirements.

Consistent Resource/Device Tracking - Dynamic DNS

With a Managed RADIUS solution that includes Dynamic DNS, clients can maintain a constant host name for a device that receives a changed IP address from the Network at the start of every new session.

Simplifying Complex Networks - Dynamic IP Routing

Dynamic IP Routing ensures that traffic is always routed to your device independent of which Network it is connected to. It is especially beneficial to clients with complex networking topologies.

The Service that Rules them All - MSB Support Desk

At MSB Micro Systems we view service support as more than a promise; it is the backbone of each of our managed services. Based upon and measured against each client’s chosen SLA, the Support Desk is tasked with and equipped to handle all RADIUS related matters: Service Requests; Change Requests; Incident & Problem Resolution and Reporting. Our band of specialists monitors and maintains hardware, software and the functional levels of every service, aiming to ensure peace of mind for every MSB client.

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