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Want to start or continue your technical career at MSB Micro Systems?
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Want to start or continue your technical career at MSB Micro Systems?
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At MSB Micro Systems we are inspired by achievement through innovation, dedication and delivery beyond expectation. We believe that such passions provoke a hunger for more within ourselves, whilst the deafening resonance motivates those around us.

Each of our roles has clearly defined requirements for success and paired with our commitment to perpetual learning, improvement and mastery; opportunities to push your boundaries and grow are available and encouraged. Managers provide ongoing coaching and support, but ultimately you are empowered to shape your MSB career destiny. You can nurture your specialised or cross-functional expertise within the MSB family.

‘Solutions that take the pain away’ is more than a vision. It is a powerful, specific and attainable goal sustained by the culture intrinsic to MSB Micro Systems and its people.

Teach and Learn:

We know that problems and failures are natural and necessary components along the path to innovation, breakthrough and improvement and relish these as teachable moments. We are obsessed with growth through formal and informal learning and believe that both ‘teacher’ and ‘student’ are jointly on a path to new discoveries.

Be professional:

We are passionate about our clients and committed to their needs. We question, communicate and listen to understand every requirement and pain point. Above all else, this gives us the ability to meet expectations, exceed, surprise and delight.

Have fun:

We are a family of individuals chasing career & personal fulfillment. We enjoy the value that diversity, personal passions and different approaches bring to the table. The team works together, we build on each other’s ideas and we collaborate across boundaries to create joy for the individual, the company and its clients. At MSB you bring who you are and together we make a difference.


We know that benefits play an important role in your choice of employer. We understand that you chose to build and continue your career in and around the excitingly fluid, fast-paced and often high-pressure environment of the IT industry.

This is why our Human Resources team constantly works to offer those perks that reflect the changing needs and wants of our people. Our goal is to empower our employees to be successful – both at, and outside of work.

Whilst what we represent here is a work-in-progress, we believe that the programmes initiated so far are already making a real difference in the lives of our diverse team. We are focused on providing professional development opportunities and strong support structures, but also fun perks.


We understand that interviews may be a little daunting. Find some helpful information here to keep you focused.

What to expect

  • We typically interview three to five candidates per position.
  • First interviews usually take approximately 3 hours – make sure that you are available for the duration.
  • We will ask you to complete an application form.
  • We will need your updated Curriculum Vitae.
  • You will be asked to complete one or more Psychometric Tests before and/or after you are invited for an interview.
  • In most cases, you will be interviewed by at least one person from the team to which the position is relevant and a person from an entirely different team to ensure the best fit based on the team’s needs, company culture and your skills and interests.
  • You will complete a position specific practical exercise as part of the interview process.
  • You will have a chance to look around, meet your potential co-workers and ask questions.
  • If invited, second interviews usually take approximately 1.5 hours.

Do your research

Please come prepared. The most successful candidates have more than a surface understanding of:
  • The role expectations of the position for which they are interviewing.
  • Industry trends.
  • The business of our company.

We’ll ask questions that will help us get to know YOU

The specific questions we ask will depend on the position you are applying for, but they are all intended to:
  • help you verbalise your skills, personality and focus; and
  • help us spot your potential.

What we look for in any candidate

An appetite for applied learning, rock-solid skills, a willingness to work hard, a passion for your field, high intelligence and a strong desire to be the best.

Get to know us

Remember that the interview is also an opportunity for you to get to know us. Ask questions, listen and learn. At the end of the interview, you should be able to answer this question: “Do I wish to start/continue my career journey at MSB Micro Systems?”

Demonstrate your knowledge of the field

We greatly admire a person with a passion for learning, so showing off your existing practical experience and abilities will give you an advantage.
  • Be ready for position specific questions, for example:
    • Developers: How is math applied in programming?
    • System Administrators: How would you check Memory and CPU stats on a live system?
  • Ask questions. Remember that considered questions also demonstrate a deeper level of understanding, your interest and passion. Feel free to ask!
  • Explain how you think: Be prepared to explain your thinking process behind an answer or solution to a question. We are interested in the thoughts behind your answers and are keen to understand how your mind works.
  • You will also be given a chance to show us how you apply your knowledge of the field. The final part of the interview consists of a practical exercise which will be used as part of your application evaluation.

Look forward to meeting YOU

  • First impressions are very important, but you don’t have to dress up in your Sunday-best to impress us. Wear what makes you comfortable.
  • Enthusiasm and a positive attitude always make a good impression. Arrive well-rested, alert and mentally prepared.
  • Honesty always makes a good impression. Be honest and accurate about your experience and qualifications. Keep in mind, exaggeration and embellishing is a form of dishonesty and it may do more harm than good to your career.
  • Now relax and be yourself. We are interested in getting to know YOU and not what you think we may be looking for.

Good luck!

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Want to start or continue your technical career at MSB Micro Systems?
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